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Payment Help

Tips to make payment with your credit card smoother.

Most of the time when a customer has trouble with their credit card it is because one of the addresses entered are either incorrect or not on record with the credit card company.

  • Make sure that the name is exactly what is on the card.
  • The billing street address and postal code must match your statement.
  • Make sure that you enter the 3 digit security number from the back of your Mastercard or Visa card, or the 4 digit number printed on the front of your American Express.
  • If you are shipping to a different address it helps if your bank is notified beforehand.
  • If the information on the order does not pass the Card issuer's Address Verification, we may conduct a Small Charge Verification for billing confirmation. (see below)


International Cards

If you use any type of international credit card, or if we are having trouble verifying your billing information, we will conduct what's known as a Small Charge Verification. If this is necessary it will be initiated automatically with instructions being e-mailed to you.


What we do:
 We charge your credit card an amount greater than $0, but less than $3.00 USD.
 Contact you via phone or email informing you that we have assessed the small charge.


What you do:
 Contact the bank associated with that credit card to learn the exact amount of the small charge, it will show up as a charge by Bahnhof Sport Online. It does not have to be in US dollars, we can perform the conversion.
 Email our Sales Desk, please include the following in your message: your name, order number, and small charge amount included in the body of the email. Be sure to record the currency your card recorded. You can also call us at (866) 451-9425 to confirm the charge and finish processing your order.

Why we do it:
This process is the easiest way to confirm that you have the credit card in your hands, know your account number and bank information, and are in good standing with your bank. Once we have confirmed your card, you won't be asked to go through this process to place future orders.